There are many reasons why people are using drugs. Some reasons are causing from anxiety, problems with school/family, physical health issues, to fit in the group or to relieve the boredom and what is a drug anyway? A drug is a substance that could be food or water and when it goes through your body, it will react physically (using violence in family), mentally (forget about people around them, all they do is thinking about having fun) or psychologically(feeling depressed, angry or shock).

Based on the National Authority for Combating Drugs, more than 20K Cambodian are using heroin and methamphetamine. Using drugs are affecting your mental and physical illness and especially the brain. 

Brain is allowing you to feel, move, think and breath. While you on drug, your body will have an unhealthy relationship with your brain. To support the fact, based on National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens claimed that your brain will procrastinate the process of work of your body, such as slow down your heart rate, lack of energy and so on. 

In order to prevent from increasing drug users in Cambodia, stay tuned to see my independent drug research. 

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