This is a really brand new social study for me to do. I have an opportunity to work with International School Phnom Penh’s students (ISPP). We are planning for Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival (PPYFF) to make it happen. The goal of PPYFF is to promote creative storytelling and teamwork, help kids learn the many skills involved in filmmaking, and to plant the seeds that will grow into the future of the Cambodian film industry. So far we’ve done on making website, posting on social media and stick flyers around schools. The event will be happening on Friday, March 30th for the annual PPYFF event! More than three dozen student films will be premiered and celebrated at ISPP’s world-class Black Box Theatre. Watch the films, meet the filmmakers, and stay for the award ceremony! Awards will be given to the best picture, director, screenplay, cinematography, editing, and best actor. We hope to see you there! We hope that there’s a lot of people will join the PPYFF competition and we also hope that there’s a lot of audiences come and support the event and the filmmaker. 

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3D design is really interesting for us because it really good for our brain thinking, being ingenuity which is one of our core value. In 3D design we have make vase, chair, cup etc in Blender. Blender is a program that make a 3D things and we all need to be really creative. Last year we have one teacher name Kichong he have a lot of experience about 3D design. He have one small company called ARC Hub which really good. He make a really useful product from 3D design one of the cool thing is the arm for human body, when people broke their arms they can use it. Also when he came and teach us, Kichong want us being creative to make a product to sell from 3D design. In our school find out that 3D design is a good program for us to learn so we have a 3D design Expertise.

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I designed in Blender!