Our goals are to make a Liger Yearbook and share it with people all around the world. To achieve these goals we need to work with the book printing companies and collaborate with each other to write the story of year four at Liger. We will include a lot of pictures and multimedia created by Liger students and staff. Most of all we will make Liger a model for educating people locally and globally.  



I am having
five people in
my family, my dad,
my mom, my brother,
my sister and me. I am 1
4 years old I am tall, not short.
My favorite color is light pink, purple,
green, black, light blue, light grey and white.
My favorite animals are puppies and hamsters.
Frisbee, swimming, football, and eating are my favorite sport.


I was notice need to be changed in my country is no more people throwing the rubbish, no smoke and not cutting down the trees. The solution that I thought about rubbish is we should have a lots of bins in the city and other province. I wanted the people in Cambodia or other countries to stop smoking because it is not good for our health. My solution is I wanted to explain to the seller how bad as secret are one more is making the workshop tell the people in our community to come and explain them. My solution for no more cutting down the trees is, we should find the better and integrity police because police now they just thinking about the money. Teaching the new generation of kids in the schools about the forest in Cambodia, try to grow more trees. During my holiday I talked to my friends about plastics in our community (community in my province (Banteay Meanchey province)). During Khmer new year me and some of my friends are helping each to picking up the rubbish. I also talked to my family and some of relative about the rubbish after that me, my brother, my cousin and my grandmother are helping each other picking up the rubbish around our house and burn it. We burn it because in my community don’t have the truck come and collect the rubbish that why we are burning it.

In Recycled Community Exploration I did my best to teach people in community how to recycle their rubbish.

Ex: We used plastics to make volet, we used recycled paper to make bracelet and we used cardboard to make some things for the kids to play. Recycled Community team showed them how we love and care about the environment in our country. If other people didn’t see what we doing they also check our blog. Recycle Community

My little step are:  

I got an idea (Where should I clean or picking up the rubbish) I did create changed Cambodia in this year. My exploration is Recycled Community (RC) we invite people in our community to comes and teach them how to reduce, reuse and recycled (3R) the plastics. I changed Cambodia this years by teaching people how to reduce, reused and recycled their plastics.