I received a fascinating opportunity to be a translator for Calvin’s student from Michigan. It was delightful to teach them about the livelihood of villagers and history of Cambodia at Kampot Province.

In order to learn/experience about their life, we must step into their shoes and walk the life they’re living. I let them clean their own dishes and cook their own food.

I was teaching them about cooking by using my cooking experiences from Matt Lee (Catering Manager) and we ate our stunning chicken stir-fried with overcooked rice.


I’ve been running after school extension (ASE) twice a year now. I lead this ASE once a week for seven weeks. In particular, there’s a couple of kids (5-8 kids) would like to join this ASE, we play jump ropes, hula hoop and most importantly Khmer game. I’m a girl who grew up to be teenagers, I still love kids and enjoy my life as a kid, think young. While we are playing all of those games I feel like I’m so excited to play and have fun with them. They reminded me a lot of my childhood, they make me miss my hometown and my old friends.


It’s not that difficult for me to cook because most of the kids that live in the rural area know how to cook, but it turns out that it’s really difficult for me to cook in my apartments because most of the time we cook western food. Well, I have a lifesaver “COOKBOOK!!” Cookbook teaches me how to cook many different types of food, especially food that really rare in my hometown. I have a lot of opportunities to learn how to cook new foods with my roommates and use a lot of fancy items and using oven is one of the example. So far my favorite food to cook is morning glory sour soup, it’s one of the Khmer traditional food. This soup is really special to me because my grandmother is the one who teaches me how to make it.


After the summer break, we come back to school for the fifth year. Do you know that this year is really different from the other years? I got to live in the apartment with my best friends. There’s are 4 houses, in each houses, there are 2 apartments and in each apartment, there are 2 rooms and each room can fit 4 people. New apartment new life we all have to cook. I really love my bedroom, big bed, comfortable blanket and soft pillows. In the guest room, there’s a gigantic television, sofa, tall refrigerator oven, and a long table for meals. I admitted that when I live without residential education (RE) I feel like I have more freedom and independence on my own. 


There are more than 700 temples in Cambodia, but the most visited temple is called Angkor Wat. In the past, the elders said “Angkor Wat is the paradise on Earth.” Angkor Wat is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Angkor means city and Wat means​ ព្រះវិហារ (Preah Vihear). There were five thousand workers who used rocks to build the structures.  They had to take 300 to 400 rocks  a day. Angkor Wat is the biggest temple in Cambodia. It took 35 years to complete. The highest point in the Angkor Wat is 65m (middle part), the length is 250 m and width is 12 m. Angkor Wat  faces test. One interesting thing about Angkor Wat is that it is built on water.. The space between the water and  Angkor Wat is 5 km, the length is 1250 m and the width is 200 m. Most of the rocks are having holds and it can’t carv to make the pictures on the wall. There are 1,532 pillars at Angkor Wat.

One day you should visit Angkor wat, learn about it and see how magnificent an achievement Angkor Wat is.



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I was learning about networking. First I learned how to cables work (electronic strings). I learn about 2h with my mentor. I know how to change the PC name and change the PC password (need admin password).