On the first two weeks of our 7th year of school, we are having an SAT Bootcamp with Amanda, an ESL teacher from an all-girls school in New Jersey; Kim, a recent Princeton grad in Computer Science.

First of all, we took the PSAT on the first day. Amanda is tutoring in reading, writing and language and Kim in math. 

Amanda gives us 10 to 20 common confusing words per day. She gives us a whole reading test to read on our own/in class and work through the questions together with strategies for solving it. We also learn the smart ways to eliminate the answer choices. My favorite one to learn is to summarize each passage that I read, it’s about one sentence per paragraph. It helps me to understand more about the passage and especially when I turn the paragraphs into my own words. 

For the math section, we mostly go over the questions together and express the short way to do the multiplication. I mainly struggling with world problems and numbers that involve square roots, but Kim helps me to win the battle.

Before the PSAT Bootcamp, during the PSAT full practice, I usually reach three passages of the test. But, after the PSAT Bootcamp, I reach 4 passages because I implied the summarize each paragraph strategy. Even though I don’t like science article, nevertheless I understand what the authors are talking about in the passages.



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